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What is a STC?

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are created by eligible installations of Solar Water Heaters (SWH), Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters and Small Generation Units (SGU) (small-scale solar photovoltaic panels, wind and hydro systems). A STC is generally equivalent to:

  • 1 MWh of renewable electricity deemed to be generated by Small Generation Units unless the Solar Credits REC multiplier applies; or
  • 1 MWh of electricity deemed to be displaced by the installation of Solar Water Heaters or Air Source Heat Pump Water Heaters.

STCs can be:

  • assigned to a registered agent (usually a retailer/installer) in exchange for a financial benefit such as a delayed cash payment or upfront discount; or
  • created in the REC Registry and sold through the STC Clearing House for a fixed price of $40 (excl. GST).

STCs are surrendered:

  • quarterly to demonstrate liability compliance against the requirements of the SRES;
  • voluntarily for any reason throughout the year; or
  • for non-compliance (such as under the relevant enforceable undertaking sections of the Act) throughout the year.



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