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To take advantage of the power your PV solar system is producing you need to understand at what times it is working the best.
Because the panels only work in the daylight hours you have already eliminated at least 12 hours of the day when the panels will not be working.


The graphs below are tacken from a 3kw system with the panels mounted on the west roof with a pitch of 15 degrees. The panels are mounted on tilt frames facing north at approx. 30 degrees. This means that they will work better in the afternoon. For best results from your panels over the year they should be tilted at the approx the same angle facing north as the degrees south you are from the equator. Therefore if you live in Sydney or similar latitude this would be approx 30 degrees.


Having said this it is noted that the majority of new connection to the grid are connected via a NET meter. This means that the house hold firstly uses the power from the PV solar system and any excess is then exported to the grid.




SMA graph day

Daily Performance

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SMA graph monthSMA graph year


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